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Mentalism Tricks – Master Mentalism Full Review

July 4th, 2012 1 comment




Hi Brian here again,

Well I’m finally done with my review of Master Mentalism, thanks for being patient. It was a build up for the final performance. (if you haven’t gone through any magic courses you’ll be confused by that statement) – but here goes.

Here’s the most comprehensive review of Master Mentalism on the web!

Note: This is a review, Click here to visit The Master Mentalism Website.


First off, What is Mentalism?


Here I am inside learning a new mental card reading trick.

Well, mentalism is a type of magic you may be very familiar with if you’ve ever see Criss Angel, David Blaine, Derren Brown & David Cooperfield. It’s a style of magic which gets people to think you’re reading their mind or have ESP. When pulled off, it is mind blowing.

The Master Mentalism program takes you step by step showing you exactly how to create mind blowing tricks that the best magicians use in their acts today.

Simple card tricks to other more complex tricks of the mind. After the first few minutes of the course, I went to practice and pulled of the trick to my kids and wife. My wife simply laughed then gave me a huge kiss because she was shocked. It was great. BTW: She wasn’t laughing at me :) !

Everyone thinks magic is very hard, but with the easy to follow guide and practice that Master Mentalism step me through, I was able to pull off some pretty amazing tricks within the first day.

I have a confession to make, I really didn’t think I would have the time or slight of hand to do any of the tricks. I mean, I’m not the fastest person in the world or have some of the slick techniques I see from some of the greats. This didn’t stop me from learning, trying, and succeeding. I still remember when I was in college, one of my friends was pretty amazing at card tricks, but I could never learn. He was the life of the party. Quite frankly, I just didn’t think I could learn.

Step by Step, here’s example what Master Mentalism gives you.

“Basically, you’re getting a step by step guide explaining each trick, a downloadable guide, and seemly unlimited new tricks coming to you monthly.”

Click Here To Go To The Master Mentalism Website.

Here’s how the system works, once you sign up, you retrieve a membership to access the tricks training area.  You don’t need any previous magician, mind reading tricks, or need to be the best magician. Basically no experience necessary.

After you sign up, you’ll need to read through the beginning material, but I suggest you just pick one of the first tricks which seems to you to be pretty easy. I’m always motivated by tricks I’m interested in performing. The next step, practice both the trick and the presentation.

One of the most important elements I learned, it’s all in the presentation. Basically, you can pull off the simplest trick with the right presentation. I might even suggest be quite bold and confident in your approach.

I’ll have to say, this was really fun system to review and a system I’m going to continue to subscribe to because I’m loving the attention at this last weekends get together. Yes I know that sounds totally selfish, but seeing people eyes light up when you’ve just blown their mind away is absolutely fun.

But I said I would give you an honest review.

The Bad Points

Obviously the Master Mentalism program isn’t perfect. Here’s what I didn’t like about the system.
  • There’s a lot of tricks, choosing which one is right takes a little bit, even with their step by step program.
  • You absolutely need to practice. The tricks don’t just show up, but it’s up to you.
  • There’s more preparation for some tricks than I thought, but that’s ok, there were plenty of easy ones.
  • It’s a monthly subscription, but I tell you, once you’re hook, it’s definitely worth it.

The Good Points

  • Most importantly, the tricks work. People are down right excited to see you do tricks. When I did these tricks at a party this past weekend, I had just about everyone surrounding me doing just a couple of tricks.
  • You’ll need to learn a lot, because people continuously ask you to do more tricks. It’s almost addicting to people, they want to see more. I going to try this at work this week to see if I can get people to miss a meeting.
  • You get people’s attention in a very positive way. If you like to make people smile, you’ll get a lot of thoses.
  • The video tutorials are incredibly easy to follow. I’m someone that learns by watching videos, these videos where helpful for me to get started. I like reading tutorials, but it’s much easier to watch.
  • You get downloadable files that help you follow along and also for reference material.
  • There seems to be a huge inventory of tricks.
  • The tricks I am learning now are the once’s that you see on TV. These are not just simple tricks I could find on YouTube or other sites, but advance mentalism tricks.

Last Word

So it comes to the final word of my review. Overall, this is probable one of the most fun programs I’ve reviewed. Not only is the program easy to learn, I was able to quickly show people. When you look past the flashy sales page that promises you’ll be the best magician like Criss Angel, you actually get really useful, simple to learn mind reading tricks, card, tricks and more – no matter what your level of experience is. After I’m done writing this review, I’m logging back on online and practicing another trick before work tomorrow.

 Click Here To Go To The Master Mentalism Website.




Mentalism Tricks – Mind Reading Tricks

July 2nd, 2012 1 comment




Hi! I’m Brian,

First off, thanks for checking out my newest website dedicated to mentalism tricks. What you are going to find here is a website dedicated to someone who wants to learn mentalism tricks like some of the greats - Criss Angel, David Blaine & Derren Brown. With one exception, I am not going to be a professional in any mentalism tricks, but an someone who just has fun with it as an ice breaker and looking for tricks revealed. I’m going to review master mentalism, a program for beginners and quite frankly truly advanced mentalists and other street magic enthusiasts.

The review is launching July 3th this is one of many posts. Keep checking back for more info.